The Role of The Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can suck up dust and purify the air. The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is to achieve the effect of vacuuming by inhaling air, separating the dust in the air from the clean air, and expelling the clean air. What is the role of a vacuum cleaner

What is the use of a vacuum cleaner

1. Absorb dust and purify the air;

2. Clean up the small dust and debris in the corners and clean more thoroughly;

3. Save time, reduce people’s housework pressure, and shorten cleaning time.

Precautions for the use of vacuum cleaners

1. Before use, check whether the parts are in good condition. If there is any damage or air leakage, it should be repaired and replaced in time. Also check to see if there is any leakage, and whether the dust in the dust bag has been emptied.

2. Before using the vacuum cleaner, the larger dirt and pieces of paper in the place should be cleaned to avoid blocking the air inlet or dust duct in the suction pipe during work, which will cause the vacuum cleaner to fail to work normally.

3. Dry vacuum cleaners cannot absorb wet soil or sewage to avoid damage to the vacuum cleaner.

4. The motor bearing of the vacuum cleaner should be lubricated regularly. If it is used frequently, once a month is the best.

5. The motor carbon brushes of the vacuum cleaner will wear out after long-term use, and new carbon brushes should be replaced regularly.

6. When the vacuum cleaner is not in use, the vacuum cleaner should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.


CordZero Stick Vacuum Cleaner Wet Mop All-in-One Tower

Another winner from our 2022 Cleaning and Organizing Awards, this combo unit performed very well in our Lab tests, picking up dry oats across carpets, hard wood floors and tiles. It has a high price tag, but comes packed with innovative features including a wet mopping head that easily clicks on to the wand and a base that both charges and automatically empties the vacuum’s dust cup after cleaning. The Tower can hold more than three full dust cups worth of debris and has a spot for each tool, plus the extra battery that comes with the vacuum too. It isn’t ideal for small homes and apartments as it takes up a significant amount of floor space.

Weight 5.95 lbs. (46 lbs. when stored in Tower)
Cord Length Cordless
Battery Life/ Run Time Up to 120 minutes
Bag or Bagless Bagless
Dust Cup Capacity 1 L
Cleaning Modes Normal, power, turbo

The Role of The Vacuum Cleaner


Complete C3 Canister Vacuum

This Miele earned our GH Seal for its ability to effectively clean every type of flooring. In Lab tests, Miele vacuums do the best job of picking up and trapping dust and dirt. This canister vacuum comes equipped with a parquet floor brush and a brush roll with five different settings that cleans everything from hard flooring to plush, high pile carpets. It is one of the most expensive canister vacuums we’ve tested, but is a favorite in our Lab and is the model our Cleaning Lab executive director uses in her home.

Weight 23 lbs.
Cord Length 24 ft.
Battery Life/ Run Time N/A
Bag or Bagless Bag
Dust Cup Capacity 4.5 L dust bag
Cleaning Modes Curtains, upholstery, deep pile carpet, energy-saving, loop pile carpet, hard flooring

The Role of The Vacuum Cleaner

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